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Online Bidding

Online Bidding

Online Bidding

With Online Bidding, SAMIL enhances the reach of pre-owned vehicles and equipment while taking them to a huge number of customers sitting at home. On this platform, one can participate in multiple bidding events at the same time to bid on various types of assets, including used commercial vehicles, construction equipment, tractors,buses, cars & SUVs, 3 wheelers and 2 wheelers. To bid online, visit bids.samil.in and follow the following steps:

  • Registration

    To participate in SAMIL’s online bidding event, it is mandatory to get registered first. A customer can get the registration done through the Register Now link on the website. In registration, the customer is supposed to submit his documents and post registration; he can login from Sign In link while using the ID and Password assigned to him.

  • Online Training

    To make online bidding simply effortless for the user, SAMIL facilitates ‘Free Online Training’. Through this training, the company makes an initiative towards making online bidding a wow experience for the people. You can call on our toll-free number, 1800 102 4141, for free online training.

  • Compulsory Inspection of Vehicles

    Around 2-3 days prior of the online bidding event, prospective bidders can download used vehicle inventory list for thorough inspection of the vehicles. Shortlisted vehicles can be added to a personalised bidding page using ‘My Watchlist’ tool. This tool enables the user to concentrate only on selected vehicles out of the total inventory list available.

  • RSD Submission Prior to Participation

    Before participating in an online bidding event, a bidder is supposed to submit Registration Security Deposit (RSD) amount. Post deposit only, a bidder can take part in the bidding event.

  • Highest Bidder Wins

    While all the bidders bid on the vehicles, only the highest bidder wins the race.

  • Seller Approves / Rejects Bid

    Winning the bid does not always mean that the vehicle belongs to the bidder. It is the seller who can either approve or reject the bid. Post his approval only, the bidder can own the vehicle.

  • Direct Payment to the Seller

    The final payment for the vehicle is made directly to the seller. And post payment, the bidder can take the delivery of the vehicle.

  • Facilitation Fees to SAMIL

    As a mediator between buyer and seller, SAMIL is entitled to a facilitation fees which the bidder pays to the company.

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